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AP Barrie offers a variety of fresh berries from
March to November

We grow our fruit in a range of methods which allows us to extend the traditional Scottish growing season. Our biomass boiler heats our greenhouses and a portion of our polytunnels, allowing us to harvest in the early spring and continue into late autumn.  Our greenhouses are climate controlled to ensure that we keep the optimum growing conditions for our fruit even on those frosty mornings.

Water sustainability in agriculture is vital, and although we live is Scotland where there is normally an abundance of water, we work on ensuring that we have systems in place now that allow us to harvest and store rainwater for use on the farm and reduce water waste.

We have also reduced the use of chemical pesticides where possible by introducing beneficial insects into the tunnels. This along with our bee boxes helps to manage pest species whilst increasing biodiversity of the farm which in turn increases production and quality of our produce. Our wild flower strips on field margins also encourage native pollinators and other biodiversity onto the farm.

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